“I’m passionate about helping you have the best quality of life. I truly celebrate you.” — Cheyenne Autumn Whitehorse

Life’s journey takes us down uncharted paths.

Sometimes we need a compass to find our bearings, a light to find our footing, or a handrail to make a steep ascent. That’s where I come in. My medicine name is Cheyenne Autumn Whitehorse. I’m an intuitive, an empath, and an Inspirationalist. I connect with clients on a soul-to-soul level honoring their needs, affirming their strengths, and helping them access clarity and empowerment to affect meaningful change.
I can help you get through this part of the journey in a manner that will change the way you approach every challenge you encounter from now on.
Some people attempt to face difficult paths without help. Others get help that is difficult to implement. My gentle, no-nonsense approach is always individualized, while the underlying premise stays the same:
I won’t lead the way. That will leave you lost.
I won’t carry you. That will leave you weak.
I won’t do the walking for you. That will leave you powerless.
I will help you find your way.
I’ve helped thousands of people of all ages, and from all stations in life, navigate all kinds of problems. In more than thirty years of professional practice and serious ongoing study I’ve learned a lot about helping people see their choices, find their strengths, and step forward in the best direction.
I want to help you, and I can help you, but only if you reach out. Contact me today.

“You found this site for a reason . . .”

— Cheyenne Autumn Whitehorse





Cheyenne is a modern renaissance woman with special gifts for hope, healing, and empowerment.

Her success rests on a triad of innate calling, in-depth study, and real world experience. A sought after practitioner for over 30 years, her profound energetic awareness and down-to-earth, synergistic approach defies an ordinary label. Friends call her their “The Get er done girl,” clients consider her their Inspirationalist.
Cheyenne awoke to her calling very early in life. Her mission has always been helping people help themselves. To that end, she has undertaken years of ongoing study and training in a broad spectrum of disciplines including counseling, wellness, mysticism, and philosophy.
Her formal education includes intensive lectures by the14th Dalai Lama that touched her soul, spiritual mentoring by three of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, validating the work she is here to do, as well as extensive training with the Princeton Family Center, the American Polarity Therapy Association, the Spring Forest Healing Center, and the Network of Victim Assistance. In addition to that vast knowledge, she brings a profound capacity for empathy and intuition to every client in insightful, actionable ways.
Based in her home on a working farm in eastern Pennsylvania, this plainspoken grandmother is referred by medical practitioners, and called upon directly by individuals in need of support, guidance, and empowerment during difficult times. She serves both remote and local clients.
Whether your challenges are physical, spiritual, emotional, or logistic, she can help you step into your power, take control, and implement meaningful change.
She knows that no two people are alike, and no challenge is more important than the one you’re facing now. If you are in pain, conflicted, or feeling discouraged, she can help you find and integrate relatable techniques to achieve clarity, peace, and purpose. That’s what she does. That’s all she does. She’s been doing it for years.
Take the first step toward the quality of life you deserve. Schedule a consultation.



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