I am so blessed to have her in my life. Liv T.

Cheyenne is your go-to person.

– Gayle T.

Cheyenne helps me to be the best me.  As a healer myself, I truly value the insight that Cheyenne lends to situations in my life where I need support for me.  She has helped me to navigate through very difficult situations with grace and ease– divorce, heart-break, illness AND the best situations in my life – love, career changes, healing. Our sessions always end with me feeling lighter and with a plan that is just right for me.  I treasure and am grateful for Cheyenne’s deep connection to Spirit, amazing listening skills and intuition, energy work, and her clear and thoughtful communication. I am grateful for Cheyenne beyond words and count her among my highest blessings.

– C. M.

Hello! My name is Casey and I heard you speak about a year or so ago. I just wanted to let you know how much it impacted me. To this day, I still remember to ‘be like a duck” and have the negativity of others roll off my back. Something about that simple technique is a perfect reminder that helps me get through tough times. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your wisdom and that I hope you are doing well and that you are spreading your positivity to others!

P.S. Your book Clarity Wisdom Harmony is amazing

– Casey B.

I own a recording studio and manage a large healthcare facility. Constantly growing as a person and a leader keeps me on top of my game! In that pursuit, it is essential to have people that you can count on to listen openly, ask the well-crafted questions that help you gain clarity, tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear. These special people are gifted in many ways. Cheyenne Mease is one of those special people. She has fostered my growth and truly enhanced my life. If you want to gain insight regarding any aspect of your life, contact Cheyenne.  Remotely today’s technology: mobile phones, FaceTime, Skype, allows you to connect anytime and anyplace to a resource that can change your performance level and improve the way you experience life. For me many times I think about calling Cheyenne and the phone rings and it is her. She connects with clients on a level that transcends anything you have ever experienced!

– D. Freeman

Cheyenne is truly magical. I don’t know how she does what she does but after my session with her I got the best night’s sleep. The next day I felt energized, grounded and at peace. I watched after she worked her magic on my friends and couldn’t believe the transformation. It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend.  Thank you ?

– Chris Holm

I started working with Cheyenne when I moved to a new apartment. Although it was beautiful, something never felt right about the space. I was unhappy, regretting my move and never feeling grounded. I asked Cheyenne to do a Space Clearing session for me, and my entire life changed. She came to my apartment, talked with me, rearranged my existing furniture and belongings, and I felt better within a day! I felt energized, the space made me feel happy, and I’ve come to love my home. I also recently worked with Cheyenne when agonizing over a decision I had to make. I spent days obsessing over my options, endlessly asking others for their options and, ultimately, feeling paralyzed and unable to make a choice. Within a half hour on the phone with Cheyenne I gained the clarity I needed to make my choice and feel great about it! She gave me some helpful tools and guided me to make the decision all on my own. The peace I had after talking with her is indescribable. If you’re struggling with anything in your life, a session with Cheyenne is a must.

– Jessie M.

Struggling with depression since I was a teenager, I found myself moving from one therapist to another in search of the help I desperately needed to find hope and happiness in my life. With conventional therapy, I found the usual approach of sitting in an office and talking about how I was feeling over and over again, was just not helping me. Looking into a new approach led me to Cheyenne.

Cheyenne’s healing gifts have enabled me to safely look at and work through the root of my pain and sadness in a very safe and supportive space. Her practices help me to release what no longer serves me in my mind and in my body. She has given me many tools and practices to use every day for healing, loving and caring for myself.  The work I have done and continue to do with Cheyenne has made amazing positive changes in my life and I am able to finally move forward with the hope and happiness I once thought was not possible for me.

It is a true blessing to have found Cheyenne and to know I have her support and guidance as I continue on my journey.

– Melissa J.

I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Liv T.



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